Month: December 2010

What’s Hot Right Now! – Sheer Dotted Tights

Tights are a great way to dress up a look! This new dotted style looks great, whether it’s with that little black dress, short shorts, minis etc. Try it! I’m so loving this style, it adds a bit of quirkiness to your look, but at the same time pulls your look together. Wanna be daring? Try the dotted colour version. My advice! Match the colour of your tights with the colour of your bottom; this look works best with dresses or skirts. This look works great because the tights are sheer. If you were to try this look with the solid tights, you may risk the chance of looking like too much is going on.

Another great thing about tights now……it’s okay to pair them with open toed heels. Be sure the colour of your tights matches well with the style of heels you’re wearing. Coloured tights tends to work better with strappy heels, giving the colour a chance to peek through in sections; while darker tights can work well with almost all styles of heels. Play around with tights, it can bring a whole different look to your wardrobe.

What’s Hot Right Now! – Wellies

Hunter Wellies

These designs will work well for anyone who are active in outdoor sports.

Cardi/Knit top Wellies

These are my personal faves. In this cold weather, it’s great to have that extra knit to keep your legs warm. It also gives you that wintery snow bunny feel. If you’re into Uggs or Emus, you will definitely dig this style.

Designer Wellies

Can’t get enough of your labels? Well if you got it, spend it! If you prefer a classic style, you’re opt to go for the all black snake skin style. Want to be noticed, go all out in the classic Burberry pattern.

Solid colour Wellies

Love colour, but still want to be subtle. Try the solid colour styles!

Patterned Wellies

These style are for the daring divas. Who aren’t afraid of colors and patterns. Go for it!

Kitten heel Wellies

This is a great option you can wear to the office as well. Perfect to go with that pencil skirt.

High-heeled Wellies

This would suite ladies who are at the office. It’s a bit funky, yet office friendly to keep that professional look going.

Decorated Wellies

The Holiday season is here so this style is perfect for that drive home from that Holiday party. Slip these on before going out in that mess of a weather.

Rihanna ft. David guetta – Who’s that chick – video oficial


Trend Alert! – What the stars are wearing…

Quilted Leather Jackets

My Pick: #2

This is one take on the classic leather jacket. It’s perfect for the sporty gals who are into winter sports. This is great for getting that ‘snow bunny’ look. Look to stars like Mariah Carey on how to perfect this slope ready look.

Trend Alert! – What the stars are wearing…

Literal-leopard Print

My Pick: #2

Forget subtle here! Leopard print has gone literal! Instead of the traditional print, designers are now printing the actual leopard face.

Trend Alert! – What the stars are wearing…

Belted White Frocks

My Pick: #1

This look works so well, it’s feminine, flirty and girlie. It will work on all body types, so ladies you have nothing to worry about. The key to this look is belting it at the waist. This classic trick will give us ladies that hour glass figure that we all want.

Style Breakdown – Leather Love!

Ciara rocking out in this leather sheath.You should notice that Ciara didn’t overdue the look, as leather is quite sexy on its own. She kept her heels fairly simple, yet eye catching with a bow accent in the front to add a touch of femininity. The studded detailing around the heels added some edge to this look. This look has got my vote!