What’s Hot Right Now! – Sheer Dotted Tights

Tights are a great way to dress up a look! This new dotted style looks great, whether it’s with that little black dress, short shorts, minis etc. Try it! I’m so loving this style, it adds a bit of quirkiness to your look, but at the same time pulls your look together. Wanna be daring? Try the dotted colour version. My advice! Match the colour of your tights with the colour of your bottom; this look works best with dresses or skirts. This look works great because the tights are sheer. If you were to try this look with the solid tights, you may risk the chance of looking like too much is going on.

Another great thing about tights now……it’s okay to pair them with open toed heels. Be sure the colour of your tights matches well with the style of heels you’re wearing. Coloured tights tends to work better with strappy heels, giving the colour a chance to peek through in sections; while darker tights can work well with almost all styles of heels. Play around with tights, it can bring a whole different look to your wardrobe.

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