Month: December 2010

Style Breakdown – Formal Shorts!

Formals shorts are perfect for the ladies who want to show some legs, but also want to be a little more comfortable. Try the high-waisted style with a tucked in blouse like Melanie is here. Belting it will always give you that hour glass shape, so that’s a plus! If you’re looking for a more laid back look, find a loose fitting pair that you can drop to your hips, pairng it with a tucked in loose tee, then top it off with a blazer.

Style Breakdown – Tights Club!

If there’s one item ankle booties are made for, it’s got to be ‘tights’. Booties are chunky, whereas tights are are so sleek and slimming that they work so well with each other. Call it the ‘perfect couple’ opposites do attract right? Here Whitney is going for the slouchy, laid back, layered look. Like a real fashionista, Whitney then balanced and brought this look together so well with the gray tights and sealed it off with the black booties.

Style Breakdown – Blazer Bomb!

I’m a huge fan of the blazer and skinny jeans combo. I cannot stress how easy this look is to put together ladies. Not a fan of denim, try this look with some tights. So maybe you’re not a heels gal, no worries because this look works just as good with ballet flats.Want to keep your look cheek? Simple! Stick to one colour and play around with the different shades of that colour.
1. If you’re off to the mall, wear your fave tee under the blazer.
2. Out for the night? Pair your blazer with an embellished top.
3. For the office ladies, a simple button up would be the obvious choice right? But I say have fun with it! Pair yours with printed top, tie a bow around your neck, or even pin a flower to your top.

Trend Alert! – What the stars are wearing…

Sequined Black Minis

My pick: #2

These dreses are so hot right now! Perfect for the holiday season. Try them in colour or dare to be brave and try a multi tone or two-tone.