Month: February 2011

Trend Alert! – What the stars are wearing…

Orange Minis
My pick: #2

Heeled hiking boots
My pick: #2

Gold gowns
My pick: #1

Style Breakdown – Suited Up!

I absolutely adore this look. Another great way to pull off the menswear-inspired look. To make a look like this feminine, first and foremost, the right fit is a must! Be sure that the pieces are tailored to your body type. You can even take this look further by adding some feminine details like a ruffled button-up. Kirsten paired pointed-toe pumps decorated with a bow with this look.

Style Breakdown – Tights Club!

Tights paired with a flaired mini is oh so girlie! Kim did a great job in breaking up this look into three parts. On the top portion we have her in a black top and black cropped blazer. The skirt spilts this look into three parts, matching with the collars of the blazer. The look is then complete with black opaque tights and black laced up booties.

Style Breakdown – Suited Up!

I’m a huge fan of Olivia’s style, always stylish but not necessarily trendy. Here she’s killing it in this menswear inspired look for Menswear Fashion Week. She complimented this double breasted tangarine blazer with some plaid trousers, mustard suede pumps and a brown leather clutch. If you ask me, this look is flawless. She perfectly matched the tangerine colour of the blazer with the tangarine lines on the trousers. When matching, the trick is to use tones of the same family like in this look, tangarine, mustard, brown etc. Also try not to wear the same colour more than once in your outfit, it tends to look tacky.

What’s Hot Right Now! – Pastel Pants

These pants definitely works great if you’re looking to sport the ‘preppy’ look. It looks great on both the ladies and the fellas. A cardigan of course is a must for the fellas. Layer your cardigan over a golf shirt or button up. For a more casual day look, you can wear a v-neck tee instead. For the ladies, a blazer will look great over a white v-neck tee. Add some accessories to take this look from day to night. I also think is the best way to wear colour; instead of going bright on bright, try a pastel themed palette. Top this look off with some white accents: white watch, white sneakers, white belt, white tie, white purse etc.

Style Breakdown – Mixing It Up!

Let’s face it, we can always count on Solange to take risks. I would have preferred if she had chosen a different do as it takes away form this outfit. As for the outfit, I personally love seeing tangarine and aqua tones paired together. The trouser is cut just right at the ankles which gives you that feminine look. It was a smart choice to keep the heels neutral as she chose to carry a multi-coloured clutch.

Style Breakdown – All Black Everything!

I’m such a huge fan of pairing tights with that ‘LBD’. Nothing says sheek, classy and sophisticated than some black tights worn with a dress. Try it! I promise you will fall in love!

Style Breakdown – Mermaid Silhouette

Leona Lewis is looking oh so delish! This mermaid silhouette works great for her body type. First we have her in a lip accented top paired with a simple black mermaid pencil skirt. Then she takes a risk with bright on bright tones in the next three looks. This is very tricky to pull off and only a few can make this work. I like how she made these very casual pieces look so elegant in all four looks.

Style Breakdown – Easy Breezy Pieces

Whitney definitely has been one of my fave stylish ladies. She knows what works with her body. Here she’s wearing light weight easy breezy pieces as I would like to call them. She kept the tones very soft and pale, this works great with her skin tone. Accessories are kept to a minimum.

Trend Alert! – What the stars are wearing…

Bombers over dresses
My pick: #3

Cat-eye sunglasses
My pick: #1
Literal floral prints
My pick: #2