Month: September 2011

25 Commandments for Women: Must Haves & Dos

This list came about after I read one of my favourite designers (Tom Ford) list for men. He created the 22 Commandments that all men shoud live by. I thought it would be a great idea to creat one for women. Us women have alot going on, alot to keep up with and alot to maintain. We all have our own everyday beauty regiments, products we use daily, techniques we swear by and fashion items must must have. With that said I had to create my own list of essentials a woman needs to maintain that beauty and fashion lifestyle. I’ve compiled a list of ’25 Must Haves & Dos’. Enjoy and hope you can take something away from this.

01. A great (fit to the T) pair of skinny jeans
02. Confidence
03. A great smile
04. Daily read of a good book or news source
05. Good etiquette
06. Makeup wipes
07. Tweezers
08. Steamer
09. A flat iron that both straightens and curls
10. Veet
11. A signature scent
12. A good moisturizer
13. A little black dress
14. Black and nude pumps
15. Classic black fitted blazer
16. Lots of silk classic neutral blouses
17. An at home mani/pedi kit
18. A nine-to-five handbag
19. A weekend handbag for running errands
20. An evening clutch
21. A five way black bra
22. A good bed, silk sheets, plump pillows and cozy duvet
23. Lingerie, lingerie, lingerie! Update your collection every three months
24. A great pair of workout shoes
25. Water and sleep, lots of it!