Month: November 2011

What’s Hot Right Now! – The Peplum Dress

As the holiday season approaches, every lady is looking for that one particular dress to stand out from the rest. Whether you’re making the party rounds or gearing up for that one big event, a dress is a must! I’ve picked one of my fave styles and the one that’s been getting a bit of a buzz, ‘The Peplum Dress’. If you don’t  know, get familiar and keep a piece in your wardrobe. It’s ever so flattering and such a cutesy, yet sophisticated piece. See some of the styles below.

What’s Hot Right Now! – The Peplum Jacket

A Peplum refers to that short overskirt attached to a fitted jacket. With that said, The Peplum Jacket is a great piece to give a lady that sophisticated hour glass look. It’s a structured piece, but at the same time gives a girly feel to a fitted jacket and/or blazer. Play around with different fabrics in satin, velvet, metallic or sequins. Of course the pattens are endless so have fun without going over-the-top. This piece can easily be taken from day to night, from the office to the party. For the day pair yours with some classic skinnies. Take it to the office easily and try yours with a pencil skirt or trousers for that perfect office attire. For the party girls at heart, yours can be paired with endless pieces. I like to pair mines with minis and sky high pumps for a real pulled together look. What’s also great about this piece is that it actually replaces a belt and cinches in the waist. So what are you waiting for, go for it!

What’s Hot Right Now! – Visible Socks

Who says socks are only to be worn under your pants? With this rising trend, socks are becoming more and more visible. Both the ladies and the fellas are pouring out with this trend. This is obviously a very ‘nerdy’ trend, but the ladies are sure making it look oh so sexy in heels: platforms, stilletos, wedges and oxfords. Love it or hate it, it’s here and it may not go anywhere for a while. The fellas expectedly are wearing theirs mainly with dress shoes: oxfords and gentlemens loafers. Below see how the ladies are wearing theirs.

How the fellas are wearing theirs.

My New Obsession! Fashion Turbans/Head Wraps

Thought I’d share my new found love of head wraps and turbans. Whether you call it head wraps, urban turbans, fashion turbans, head wears, etc., call it your own! This was the best video I found which was pretty simple to follow, showing you five ways to wrap a scarf. Of course you can use the same techniques to create your head wrap, using a more thicker fabric. Let’s not forget how fab this lady is #loveit Enjoy and get your wrapping on!