Style Hi!Light – Stylish Fella

a.k.a. ‘Slinkaz the model’


Toronto, 21
Occupation: Retail – Topman
His fave Designers: My favorite designers are Dsquared2 Dean and Dan. I love everything about Dsquared2 because it’s so bad ass + Dean and Dan are from Toronto. I’m also a huge fan of Roberto Cavalli because he is a wizard with print. I also just became a huge Givenchy lover, everything about what Givenchy does is crazy.
His style: Fashion has no boundaries for me, my style is a little bit of everything, one day I dress super dapper and one day I like to dress like a hipster. I don’t like keeping myself in a box when it comes to fashion, I love to explore and try different things when it comes to my style.
His fashion icons: Someone that I look up to and is a big fashion icon is Kanye West. He is a Gemini like myself, we think outside of the box when it comes to anything. Kanye West can wear a full suit of red or denim and make an iconic moment in fashion. He is truly amazing. There is this new comer that I’m also a fan of his style that goes by the name Theophilus London, he is on his way to becoming a fashion icon.
The one item he can’t live without: The one thing item I cant live without is my rope belt. I wear that thing like all the time *smiles. 
Fashion don’t: This is big, I really don’t like the socks and slippers thing. If you’re not a basketball player don’t do it. Other that I don’t really know that much fashion don’t because to me fashion has no boundaries and if every iconic person in fashion went on over thinking every fashion choice they made, whether it was a do or a don’t, they wouldn’t be icons or had iconic moments.
Fashion do: A fashion do for me is a blazer, keep it simple. A blazer for myself helps tie a look together.
Fave occasion to show off his style ie. the office, street/day, nightlife: Work is a place I show off my style alot. Where I work you never know who will stop by or come in. Family events I love dressing up for and fashion events I also love showing off my style and being around other fashion lovers. 
His fave stores:  I love love love Urban Outfitters, that’s my favorite store to shop at. If I don’t find something when I go in I get real sad *laughs. I love shopping vintage as well. Black markets I always find some amazing blazers there. My new store Topman is also a place I love shopping at now, if you’re looking for something different and that has great quality.
He has alot of: I got alot of button ups *laughs, I got 4 black ones and like 5 white ones. I got ones with prints. In total I got 18 different types of button ups.
His style in one word: Bold
Why his style is unique: What makes my style unique is that I’m bold, I’m not afraid to try new things.I’m always trying to push myself when it comes to fashion but staying true to who I am.
How dapper is he!

I see the Theophilus London in him

Chicly cool

The model in him

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