Style Hi!Light – Stylish Lady

Kim Possible Waterhouse

New Canaan
Occupation: Sales Manager
Her fave Designers: Vindictive Couture.
Her style: My style depends on my vibe at the moment.
Her fashion icons: Don’t really have an icon, but I admire a few, Grace Jones etc.
The one item she can’t live without: A watch, time is everything.
Fashion don’t: Don’t do a particular trend because everyone is doing it.
Fashion do: Always be “COMFORTABLE” with the finish look.
Fave occasion to show off his style ie. the office, street/day, nightlife: All the above, but night life seems to have an extra energy.
Her fave stores: Don’t have a fave store, but I love boutiques, great finds.
She has alot of: Jeans, I lost count a long time ago & I seem to only wear 2 pairs *laughs, don’t know how I developed a denim addiction.
Her style in one word: Me.
Why her style is unique: Doing it my way, be it in the box or out the box I do it my way with only one goal in mind, being absolutely COMFORTABLE & CONFIDENT.

High fashion
Menswear the lady’s way

Statement piece
Risk taker

Mermaid queen

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