Month: April 2012

High-Low Hemlines

One of my absolute fave trends right now for Spring/Summer are the high-low hemlines. I personally feel this is not just a trend that will eventually fade. It’s such a simple yet effective piece that can be mixed and matched to suit any gal’s style. Take it hippie, uptown, downtown, urban, high fashion, the office or even the nightlife. Dress this piece down by keeping it at the waist with a tank or oversized top. Bring it up past your waist, belting it with a blazer for a more pull together formal chic look.

H&M To Open New Higher End Stores

In recent fashion news, everyone’s fave trend store, Swedish retailer H&M announces it’s recent venture into a new chain of stores carrying higher end goods. The new stores will be opening in 2013, going by the rumoured name ‘& Other Stories’. It’s also rumoured to be similar to the already owned H&M European brand COS. I’d say the retailer’s A-list designer collabs seems to be paying off, as they see a market for higher priced goods in their new stores. So looking forward to this new side of H&M and I’m pretty sure so is the rest of the fashion world.

Embellished Collars

As you may recall the bib necklaces were all the rage last year. But it’s time to step aside and make way for the embellished collars, arriving in Fall 2011 and now they’re everywhere! Embellished collars can be on a plain button up or detachable used to dress up any look. Another smart way to wear your embellished collar is to use it in place of a “choker” by pairing it with a top or dress that has no collar. These collars can be a super easy DIY little style hobby, but of course you can always purchase a collar top already embellished. The the classic square collar can be worn both casual and formal while the bib/choker style calls for a more sophisticated and girly look. Personalize your collar for every look and make no apologies, make a statement!

choker style

perfectly positioned

correctly crystalized

tip of the collar

all over


bib style