Since this past Spring and into the Fall/Winter season, the 90s trend is continuing it’s comeback. Much like many comeback trends, the shirt tied around the waist has a modern twist – in this case it’s a modern meaning. This trend is not gender specific in any way, quite popular with both the ladies and gents. From chic fashionistas to the grunge dressing crowd, to the celebs – this trend is showing up across the board. There’s really no rules to wearing this trend – the most popular for the ladies is over boyfriend jeans with a tee. Take that up a notch and pair your jeans with some heels for a girly feel. Try pairing it with some cutoffs, tee and combats for that rebellious look. For the fellas it’s pretty much standard – jeans, shorts or sweats with a tee. Wishing to take this look in the night? Why not try a shirt in a more dressy fabric like satin, metallic or lace and pair that with a dress or skirt and kick on some pumps! For the fellas, tie yours over dress pants under a blazer using a dress shirt of course. It’s a fun relaxed youthful look, giving one that ‘it didn’t take me long to get dress today’ look. Try it!

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