Everyone on En Noir

En Noir is far from the traditional streetwear we’re all used to. You get a feeling of luxury and not just another clothing line with a logo slapped onto it. My personal fave about this brand is that there are unisex pieces – which immediately brings out the sucker in me for the ‘his and hers’ dressing. With first sight of Kanye West sporting the unisex leather sweatpants in the summer we’re now seeing stars follow suit.

Head designer Rob Garcia comes from a streetwear background first heading the design team over at Black Scale up until Summer 2012. Rob immediately then jumped into designing his first collection for En Noir. His design direction behind
his new brand is that he wanted to see silhouettes similar to other popular brands like Givenchy, Balmain and Rick Owens. “There’s a way to execute those silhouettes and still be able to wear them on the street” he revealed to Complex Magazine. Rob wanted to also stay away from branding on the outside and rely on the details and the woven label.

The brand was first noticed when his monochromatic pieces displayed on Instagram and Tumblr caught the attention of Kanye West’s stylist. She reached out to Rob wanting to get a hold of the sweat pants and also pulled pieces from the collection for music videos.

With that kind of initial acceptance we don’t see En Noir slowing down anytime soon. This unique take on high fashion luxury brought to streetwear is drawing the attention of trendsetting stars such as Usher, A$AP Rocky and Beyonce. We look forward to seeing what 2013 holds for Rob and En Noir.

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