Month: February 2013

Lately Loving…Cool Caps

Ball caps are no longer a bad hair day cover up these days. In fact they’ve become quite the popular fashion accessory for the fashion gals. The fashion cap came into popularity late last summer and made it’s way straight into Fall/Winter. I honestly don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon and will definitely make it’s entry into the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons as well. What makes this coveted item so popular is it’s ability to be dressed both up and down with very little effort. Unlike the other members of the sports hat club, ball caps are perfect for us gals who like to look a little sporty yet still maintain our signature style without going full out tomboy. The most popular style is the classic black leather with the snapback fastening – but i’m noticing more selections are quickly popping up as more designers create their own versions of the trend. I know trends tend to come and go, but I personally think this one will live on for a bit because after all ball caps are a classic sports piece right! Whether this trend stays or goes I think it’s a great sporty piece to have on hand.


After the long awaited show – started very fashionably late, I must admit it was worth the wait. Deemed to start at 8:30 (GMT), 3:30 (EST), the show didn’t actually start until just before 10:00pm (GMT), 5:00pm (EST). But I should have known, fashion shows usually don’t start on time anyways right!

My initial thought on the collection is ‘sleepwear meets streetwear’. Rihanna sure did design a collection fit for her. There’s no doubt about it that she had every bit of a hand in the entire process. I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of each piece, yet so fun, sexy, flirty and girly all at the same time. As I was watching the show live I was secretly pairing each piece to another piece in the collection.

The collection included a monochrome palette, skirts that knotted to the side into a slit, skirts teamed with crop tops revealing the midriff, shirts tied around the waist, hooded tops and jumpers – alot of what you would see the Bajan beauty sporting herself. I mean it wasn’t the best collection i’ve seen, but it’s a good start for her and the beginning of her fashion career.


Big hair, don’t care! Jacobs sure did put his ‘marc’ on the seventies. The entire collection definitely had a seventies vibe, filled with warming tones of reds, pinks, maroons and purples. ‘Easy breezy’ comes to mind with this collection as the fabrics were so light and flowed naturally against the models’ bodies. Cropped trousers, belted pencils, leaf-prints and oversized coats were a favourite amongst the looks. Boxy bags and heels cut low enough to show some feet cleavage completed the looks. A great collection indeed.

Pantyhose Please!

Recently pantyhose (tights) have become the bane of my existence, a love and hate relationship I’ve come to accept. Us ladies know all too well the drama a pantyhose can cause – the constant pull-ups throughout the day; the discomfort of a poorly made pair and that dreadful thought of something ever so slightly clinging onto a brand new pair. Yes, we’ve all been through it. I can easily admit that I go through seven pairs for the season when the temperature drops. But even with all the fuss, you cannot deny the benefits of the pantyhose. Pantyhose are a definite must have in a woman’s wardrobe. For obvious reasons they’re a fall/winter necessity for us office gals – not only keeping the legs warm, but very office friendly paired with pencils and dresses.

When purchasing pantyhose I personally look for three things: fit, price and style selection. I’ve worn various brands and recently i’ve been introduced to ‘’, a brand i’m currently wearing and I can say this brand definitely meets all three requirements. They have a huge selection of styles for different shapes and sizes and the prices are affordable as well. As for the fit, it fits like a glove and I don’t find myself pulling at it. The fabrics are not itchy at all and feels very soft against the skin. Way to go to good pantyhose!


The military theme was evident in Prabal’s collection. A woman of empowerment marching strong and tough. The collection started out with an army-green palette, models suited in peplum tops, cargo skinnies and navy coats, accented with harnesses and fur neck warmers. Cocktail dresses followed in satin and wool fabrics with smart cutouts. Elegant satin floor length gowns looked ever so fluid closed the show.

Thakoon Addition – Pre-Autumn/Winter 2013/14

A little obsessed with pretty much this entire collection. The menswear inspiration is evident throughout the collection, yet the feminine approach takes centre, as it should. Great pieces for mixing and matching up for the office and the weekend. The