Pantyhose Please!

Recently pantyhose (tights) have become the bane of my existence, a love and hate relationship I’ve come to accept. Us ladies know all too well the drama a pantyhose can cause – the constant pull-ups throughout the day; the discomfort of a poorly made pair and that dreadful thought of something ever so slightly clinging onto a brand new pair. Yes, we’ve all been through it. I can easily admit that I go through seven pairs for the season when the temperature drops. But even with all the fuss, you cannot deny the benefits of the pantyhose. Pantyhose are a definite must have in a woman’s wardrobe. For obvious reasons they’re a fall/winter necessity for us office gals – not only keeping the legs warm, but very office friendly paired with pencils and dresses.

When purchasing pantyhose I personally look for three things: fit, price and style selection. I’ve worn various brands and recently i’ve been introduced to ‘’, a brand i’m currently wearing and I can say this brand definitely meets all three requirements. They have a huge selection of styles for different shapes and sizes and the prices are affordable as well. As for the fit, it fits like a glove and I don’t find myself pulling at it. The fabrics are not itchy at all and feels very soft against the skin. Way to go to good pantyhose!

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