After the long awaited show – started very fashionably late, I must admit it was worth the wait. Deemed to start at 8:30 (GMT), 3:30 (EST), the show didn’t actually start until just before 10:00pm (GMT), 5:00pm (EST). But I should have known, fashion shows usually don’t start on time anyways right!

My initial thought on the collection is ‘sleepwear meets streetwear’. Rihanna sure did design a collection fit for her. There’s no doubt about it that she had every bit of a hand in the entire process. I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of each piece, yet so fun, sexy, flirty and girly all at the same time. As I was watching the show live I was secretly pairing each piece to another piece in the collection.

The collection included a monochrome palette, skirts that knotted to the side into a slit, skirts teamed with crop tops revealing the midriff, shirts tied around the waist, hooded tops and jumpers – alot of what you would see the Bajan beauty sporting herself. I mean it wasn’t the best collection i’ve seen, but it’s a good start for her and the beginning of her fashion career.

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