4 Spring Favourites

With Spring in the air and summer just around the corner I’ve started to prep my ‘Warm Weather Wardrobe’ (something I’m actually doing for the first time). I’ve selected my four favourite trends for Spring/Summer. These are looks and pieces that work well with my style and I know that I can painlessly ease into my wardrobe. They’re pretty versatile and I can definitely mix and match with high and low pieces.


My rule of thumb when it comes to neon is ‘one neon at a time’. This is my personal preference and of course many can pull off more than one neon at a time, but I feel it gives the eye an opportunity to appreciate the other pieces in a look. More than one neon piece at a time and it can get a little too much as well if not done right. The infamous ‘pop of colour’ is your safe bet when pulling off the neon look. Day Look: Boyfriend jeans teamed with a slouchy neon yellow sweater and flats. Night Look: Crisp white fit and flare dress paired with neon pumps.

Black and White

This is quite possibly the easiest Spring/Summer trend to pull off. To keep this look looking current and fresh, ensure your whites are crisp and your blacks are at their blackest. There’s two ways to accomplish this look: Go monochrome in all black or all whites or you can mix and match your blacks with whites. The monochrome look can be done with an all black or all white palette. Another option is shades of blacks or shades of whites throughout a look. On the other hand, when mixing and matching your blacks with your whites, think colour blocking because this is essentially what you’re doing. Where there’s white in your look, do black and vice versa. Day Look: White tee slightly tucked in black leather shorts and complete with low heels and black messenger bag. Night Look: Black leather dress paired with white pointed heels and white clutch.

Shorts Suits

This look is definitely acceptable in the fashion office; the corporate office not so much. I love the freedom of mixing and matching with this look. If you’re not so much the daring type, you can keep it safe by wearing an allover neutral short suit. For the daring darlings, I encourage having fun with patterns, textures, lengths and fabrics. Day Look: Matching denim blazer and shorts with white slouchy tee and sneakers. Night Look: Light weight nude blazer, white top tucked in belted black leather shorts, finished with a studded clutch and neon pointed heels.

Statement Sneakers

Sneakers are no longer left to the sneaker heads anymore. Fashion ladies are putting their own personal spin on this rising trend. What I love is the direction this trend is headed – you can rock this item without having to compromise your own personal style. You can still be girly without having to go the complete streetwear route. Not to mention how easily the endless styles can be teamed with all your day looks. Day Look: A sun dress paired with wedge sneakers or skinnies tucked in wedge sneakers topped with a basic black tee.

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