Coachella 2013 – Weekend One

Weekend one of Coachella is a wrap! But before I get started I must first admit, I only found out about this festival a year ago. Of all places, it was on Instagram. This was also around the exact same time I became a user on the app. Yeah I know, I’ve been living under a rock – don’t judge me. Instantly in my mind I was thinking how the heck can I get my butt to this festival?! To all the non festival goers for sure this may all seem a bit over hyped. Is it? Of course it is – but my thing is if you are a true music appreciator and fashion lover this is a great place to be. Surrounded by like minded people who share your same interest in music and fashion. Sounds like heaven right!

Let’s not forget the amazing lineup of artists – the once populars, up and comers, unknowns and the mainstreamers. Whether you know every artists on the list or just there to witness your favourite acts tear up the stage, it’s just a great time to take in new music.

As for the fashion, it’s pretty much wear what you want. No dress code needed here. There are of course the popular looks you will see – fringe, headbands, cowboy boots, floral prints, sundresses etc. All in all the fashion is fun, free spirited and an opportunity for you to display your own personal style.

See my favourite looks below from my Cochella experience that i’m living through social media. Who knows, you may just catch me out there next year, we shall see!

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