Month: May 2013

Au Jour Le Jour Lip Sweatshirt

Now who doesn’t love a lip print?! Says no one ever! First spotted at Au Jour Le Jour’s Fall/Winter 2013-2014 for their men’s collection, this print has definitely caught the eyes of the fashion crowd. Even though this piece was made for the fellas, the ladies are more than welcome to rock this as well. A great piece to play around with masculine/feminine combos. Kinda like sharing with the boyfriend right! See more over at

Marple Woven Bow Slippers

It’s Friday all! Another great find up my sleeves today. So summer is near and what better way to kick start your wardrobe than with an on trend piece-white is huge this season so this is a piece you can ‘wear it out’. First found these over at, these babies promise to keep your feet blister free. The Marple Woven Bow Slippers are Polyurethane so they’re practical and keep water out, while in no way limiting the design. Made in a woven style with a little heel to keep your heels off the ground for those long summer days-cute little bow detail that allows you to take these to the office as well. 

Until next time, enjoy the find!


Solange is showing some skin inside the June/July 2013 issue of Complex magazine and we sure don’t mind. Inside, Solange is seen posing effortlessly  in a flirtatious manner, much like her dance moves on stage. If you’ve ever been to a Solange show, you will definitely know what I’m talking about. Tons of flirtatious movements, yet so subtle and still fun. This shoot embodies the Solange we see on stage. Styled in crop tops, leather hot pants, sexy swimsuits, red stilettos, her signature fro and that flawless skin, Solange is one hot mama! See the cover and full spread below.

Desperado Bandit Shorts

Talk about a new take on the classic daisy dukes! The Desperado Bandits are pretty badass to say the least – after all, the name itself is badass. It features a low rise button fly and a twisted cuff hem, with distressing on the front and their trademark pocket hanging below the hem. Given it’s laid back style, this piece can definitely be paired with a variety of tops: peplums, basic tees, sweater shirts, turtle necks, buttonups, go wild! First spotted over at One Teaspoon, I’m having a major crush and this was just added to the wishlist. Priced fairly at $89 AUD, the  

Desperado Bandit Shorts is for sure a coveted piece that will remain in your closet for years to come.

Eeny ‘Beanie’ Miny Mo!

Even though the weather is a bit warmer these days, don’t let that stop you from sporting your beanie. They definitely are a sure bet to take into the summer – they add a sort of rebelliousness to any look. Let’s be honest, you can pretty much wear a beanie with just about any look these days.

I’ve recently had my eye on this LA based brand ‘PHLObymariah’. Think LA gal who likes to kick it with the boys, yet still maintains her femininity. On my wishlist is their neon Jaguar Pyramid beanie, available in pink, orange and yellow. It’s embellished gold studs on the front form a rectangular shape, adding an extra toughness. Priced affordably at $20, I want all three!

Available over at