Was never one for outfit posts on my blog, but recently was inspired to give it a shot. Nine to five you can find me in the Corporate world and when I’m not i’m constantly keeping up in fashion. All the fashion keep up is done via mobile (oh I love thee iphone). Whether during my commute to work (as I’m writing this) or at home (usually late at night) I’m usually reading up on the lastest fashion news, trend, runway show, collaboration, you name it! Sometimes you will catch me at family or friends’ function buried in my phone, but I really don’t mean to be rude, I just get really excited about a blog post idea, fashion news I just read or even an item I came across. Yeah I know it sounds silly, but the fashion folks know what I mean – right! I’ve even blogged while driving (highly do not recommend this for obvious reasons). 

So here goes, to my first official outfit post!

This Michael Kors Hamilton large tote is by far the best (and most expensive) purchase I’ve made to date. It was a well deserved purchase as I usually shop sale and thrift. Plus every woman needs one expensive and grown up bag in her life. The top is from one of The Bay’s in store brands. The skirt is from one of my favourite stores to shop in, Urban Outfitters – you can always find a good deal there on trendy pieces. By the way, I love a good bell skirt or fit and flare silhouette. The shoes I’ve had for some time now and I don’t recall where I bought them. I know, that’s how much they mean to me.

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