Drake Wears Custom Calvin Klein For ‘Nothing Was The Same’ Tour

It’s becoming a common trend for designers to publicly disclose which stars they’re outfitting for their tours. It’s usually great timing too, where the designers’ new collection debutes around the same at the artist’s tour. It also makes perfect sense right – the pairing of a popular artist with a popular brand, why not! This allows designers to easily incorporate their new designs into the tour looks. In this case Calvin Klein Mens Creative Director Italo Zucchelli is the brains behind Drake’s tour looks. The designer put together looks for Drake by mixing custom-made and runway pieces from the mens Spring/Summer 2014 collection. But don’t think for a second this is the first time Zucchelli has headed the designs for rappers. He’s also worked with Kanye, Jay-Z, Tinie Tempah and Kid Cudi in the past. See below as the looks are organized into three distinctive aesthetics: blue sky, sporty and denim. 

The first looks feature the photographic print from Zucchelli’s Spring 2014 collection which also conincidentally matches the clouds and blue sky seen on the cover artwork of Drake’s latest album ‘Nothing Was The Same.’ 

The second shows a buttoned up hoodie that incorporates technical fabrics, neon details and reflective accents.

The third set is composed of looks in head-to-toe denim, one of the brand’s most famous legacies. 

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