DIY – Removing Additional Straps On Strappy Heels

I’ve always been one to cut-up, fold, remove or add a little something-something to older pieces in my closet. One of my lastest mini projects was removing the front straps from my Jessica Simpson strappy sandal heels. I mean these heels were love at first sight when I first puchased them last Spring. But immediately after the first wear I realized they were not the most comfortable heels. My toes were bunching up on the side, and seeing with my wide feet, it was like fighting for the main spot in the middle for my poor babies. Clearly these were not made for the ladies with slim feet, right! I was extremely dissappointed because they’re pretty simple in style and pop in their colours so I was looking forward to wearing them all summer. Well, finally the ligh bulb went off and I thought, of course, remove on of the straps to give my toes some more room. And voila! These heels now fit like a glove and my toes have breathing room. I can’t wait to rock them this summer!

DIY instructions: As shown below, I simply cut the front straps off both heels. This now allow my toes to move around comfortably.






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