11 Unique Ways To Wear Overalls



If I had to describe the overalls, it would definitely be a ‘Man Repeller‘ item. You know those items us ladies wear that are super unappealing to the opposite sex – well the overalls are one of them. The overalls were definitely a childhood favourite of mines – I almost wish I kept a pair. They’re great for those days off, where you want to look like you didn’t try, yet still look super stylish. But let’s face it, overalls is an intimidating item to style and pull off. My tip is to treat them as if they’re jeans because you can pretty much pair them with just about any top. You also don’t need to spend a lot of money on this item, unless of course you’re in it to support your favourite brand. Trends like this that keeps returning you can easily pick up a pair at your local vintage spot. For your style reference, see my picks on some of the most stylish ways to wear your overalls.




Casual Catch


Festival Ready


Colour Fix


Baggy Business




Plus Heels


Showing Skin


Trench Town


Office Friendly


Dress It Up


The ‘Little Denim Dress’ (LDD)

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