Black Lips

Happy Friday!

Repeat after me, black is a happy colour! This is a simple go to look I love to wear – tank top and skinnies. The black lips were actually a last minute idea. I bought this lipstick a few years back for halloween and thought I haven’t worn it in a while so why not! In the past I was a little bit hesitant on wearing high waisted jeans because I always thought they were meant for a more curvier figure. Now, they’re one of my absolute favourites. I got past that whole looking in the mirror and second guessing wearing them because I have no hips. You know when you try something on and instead of loving it for how it looks on you, you tend to think of how it looks on the person you first saw it on and expect it to look the exact same on you. Yeah so unrealistic and unnecessary comparisons. I think all of us women go through that sometimes. But once you learn to get past all of that, you kind of feel untouchable. Curves or no curves, I think high waisted skinnies makes a girl feel sexy. Get style inspired and shop this look below. 


Jersey Tank


Super Skinny High Jegging


Studded Strappy Sandals


Siena Tote Bag

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