Thankful For Tights


So thankful for tights! It’s the one item I can wear around the house, to bed, running errands, to the gym, and even out for the night. I’ve paired them with sneakers, heels, boots and everything in between. Plus they make your legs look long and lean – no wonder men love seeing us in them.

This is a casual look I would wear to run errands or go shopping in because it’s super comfy and not fussy. The boots not so much because realistically they are way too high to run errands in, but I loved the way they looked against the gray. I would most likely trade in these for some flatforms or sneakers instead. This t-shirts I found by accident shopping in Orlando, Florida and wish I bought five more. It’s now my go to t-shirt because it has the right amount of looseness yet it’s tailored in the arm area so that it’s not too baggy.

I cannot think of another clothing item besides t-shirts that are the most unisex item. Why I say this? For one, it can be made so that both men and women can wear it. A prime example are oversized long t-shirts, they are super popular and seen everywhere now. It’s made and marketed for both sexes to wear it. If you disagree I would love to hear it from in the comment section. Hope you get style inspired and shop this look below.



H&M Jersey Leggings


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