7 Black One-Pieces To wear This Summer


With the comeback of the one-piece, you’re bound to see it all over the beach and poolside this summer. Since the 90s we have not seen much of the one-piece on the list of fashion trends. We’re being brought back to those days where you didn’t have to show your belly button to be sexy. Less sometimes do go a long way and a black one-piece shows confidence, femininity and a regal stature. Black is classic, black is slimming and black says ‘I don’t bother you so don’t bother me.’ With that said, see seven black one-piece styles you can wear this summer.



Moeva London Plunge Front Low-Back Black One-Piece – Monica


T by Alexander Wang Mesh-panel Backless Swimsuit


Broadway Scallop-edge Swimsuit


H&M One-piece Swimsuit


Solid Black Cutout Waist Halter Monokini


Prism St Barts Textured Swimsuit


Topshop Cutout Zip Back Swimsuit

6 Ways To Wear A Leather Jacket


No doubt about it, the leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and one item anyone can rock. It’s versatile and can dress up or dress down an outfit – whether at the office, out running errands or out for the night. These days, the leather jacket is frequently seen in color and that can add some pop and tone that tough look down a bit. So whether your style is the classic, crop or color, there’s a leather jacket out there to fit anyone’s style. See below some of my favorite looks put together by some oh so stylish ladies.


A leather jacket paired with a white shirt and jeans is a solid classic look. See how she leaves one part of her shirt hanging, this is a great to make your outfit look effortless.


A quick and easy way to pulling off the leather jacket is to simply wear a matching top and bottom. She went a bit further here taking some risks, adding some metallic to this look.


This is look is perfect for casual Fridays at the office. A good rule to keep in mind when wearing two colors in your outfit is to pair complementary color with each other. Sporting teams are a great place to see this rule play out.

new york, zina, street style, meatpacking district, leather pants, alexander wang boots

If it’s the complete rocker chic look you’re going for – this look is it! Leather jacket, leather pants, leather bag and leather booties and you’re good to go.


Yes it’s okay to wear a leather jacket in the summer, I promise! Cutoffs plus an oversize basic tee and open-toes with your leather jacket thrown over the shoulder. Try it!


A full patterned skirt is the perfect pairing for a crop leather jacket. Because there’s a balance with the femininity of the skirt and the toughness of the jacket, finished off with pumps, it works. This is something you can definitely wear to an event or dinner date.