Fashion Girls Have A Hard Time Dressing For Dates


I cannot be the only ‘fashion’ girl out there who finds it a bit challenging trying to figure out what to wear on a first date. As someone who is really into fashion and have a sense of what my style is, it’s not so easy putting together an outfit that stays true to my fashion sense and yet wanting to attract a potential suitor. On one hand you want to wear something trendy and completely unattractive that would probably repel the opposite sex i.e. harem pants with a boyfriend tee and booties. On the other hand you do want to look feminine and sexy, without revealing too much, but just enough to attract him right! Remember, the idea of a first date is to make a great first impression and with that, your clothes are a sure bet in doing so. Typically when you think of first date outfits you think of  something that hugs your curves and probably shows off a bit of cleavage and legs. Us fashion girls on the hand, we want to flaunt our fashion sense, not necessarily our bodies.

If you’re a girl whose into fashion, you can definitely relate to the fact that we tend to be a bit rebellious at times when it comes to dressing and go against the norm. We want to wear those wide leg shorts that would make our hips look bigger; we want to wear those boxy tops that gives us absolutely no shape; we want to wear those oversized button-ups that makes us look like we just raided our boyfriend’s closet. And that’s okay! Maybe it’s me, but I find that the direction in which women dress today is taking a route where it’s okay to dress a bit ‘ugly’ sometimes. When I say ugly, I mean wearing clothing that may not be so flattering to your body or pieces that will not attract the opposite sex. It’s an empowering movement happening – to say ‘less dressing for men and more dressing for ourselves’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t frown upon dressing to appeal to the opposite sex – I mean that is apart of the whole allure in finding your potential mate right!

Hopefully I’m not the only girl out there who has this problem, so I want to hear from you, leave your comments below. In the meantime, I’ve rounded up some super cute and flirty date friendly looks that will both show off your personal style and still show that you care about what he thinks.




This is a great simple and classy black and white look for the girly girls. The peplum detail adds a touch of femininity to a mini hemline and the barely there heels elongate your legs. Legs are a classy way to show some skin and this look nails it.


This is a great look if you want to keep things casual, yet still looking polished. A blazer and jeans combo does just that, unapologetically.


Being a huge fan of the dress shorts, I can confidently say that they’re a great alternative to a dress. If you’re going for that dressed up look, without the committing to a dress, this is a great option.


This stripes and colour combo is a great way to show off your playful personality. This look let’s him know that you do know how to put yourself together and that you have fun with fashion.


This is a great way to go for that ‘sexy’ look yet keeping it classy at the same time. Black is definitely safe and adding a  pop of colour with your heels is super cute.

Kick Start Spring!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always stuck to the usual when wearing sneakers. I would pair mines with the obvious sweats, shorts, track pants etc. But these days, I’ve been inspired by fellow bloggers and of course the new ‘sporty chic’ rise of fame to feel free to wear my sneakers with whatever I want. As a whole, I feel that fashion has become less strict and a tone of rules are being broken. Us ladies are not just restricted to wearing an evening dress at cocktail hour, sneakers at the gym, or swim suits at the beach. We are seeing more and more people breaking the rules and making that ‘occasion specific’ piece work any time of the day, month or year. With all this said, see my round up of 7 ways to look super chic in your sneakers this spring  and summer.


The girly-girl


The athletic chick


The business woman


The lady


The cool gal


The rule breaker