November 6

Alexander Wang x HM



I was one of the many people going nuts when I saw H&M’s announcement, posted Saturday night at midnight. I must admit, at first I just scrolled past the post without any thought to it, but then I saw a post about the announcement on twitter and thought to myself ‘who what where and how?’. I immediately brought my butt back on instagram about 30 minutes later and it was instant excitement. I know the fashion world says this all the time about every H&M collaboration, but this has got to be the most exciting brand collaboration to date. I say this because Alexander Wang came onto the scene when fashion is being followed by everyone and his collection has been very popular amongst the younger crowd. The brand also has a heavy celebrity following  and lest we forget that infamous surprise giveaway to fans last August. Let’s just say that this may have been the most scariest thing ever seen in fashion – peep the video here. This is definitely going to be the first H&M collaboration I’m actually going to make a purchase from – I already see a camping out possibly happening *le sigh*.