White Button-up

5 Ways To Wear A White Button-up


Surprisingly this is one item I currently do not have in my closet- yes sad I know! Hence this post is as much of a help to me as it is to you. I mean I’ve had about two white button-ups in my wardrobe at one point, but the fits were just not right. With white button-ups you will find that the fit is pretty much the key to pulling this look off. As my dressing motto goes ‘loose is sexy too’ I do believe on the other hand that a loose fitting one is always good to have around too. As I’m currently on the hunt for my perfect white button-up, see my picks below for 6 ways to wear yours.


This is a classic way to pull off the white button-up look. You can never go wrong with pairing yours with skinny jeans and a blazer. I mean anyone can pull this look off, anyone! This look is more on the masculine side, so leaving  a few buttons undone is totally okay!


This is a great look for Mondays at the office or a major event. Choose a standout skirt with a bold print as the button-up will balance the look. To keep the look preppy as above, button your shirt all the way up and place a bold statement necklace, then end with pointed-toe pumps.


Let it all hang loose! This is a great way to pull off that ‘I didn’t think about this look too much’ kinda vibe. Paired with a flared mini and flats adds to that low-key day look.


This look is giving us sexy and classy all at the same damn time! The button-up paired with this leather maxi is a perfect contrast, then ending off with low heels tones this look down just enough. Sleek that hair back and voila!


This ‘no-pants’ look may not be for everyone, but hey if you’ve got it, flaunt those legs. I feel that you can always get away with showing more legs than cleavage anyways. The key to pulling this look off is to: button-up the shirt enough so that your girls are covered, keep the heels to a low-medium height and leave accessories to a minimum. If you’re an accessories kinda girl, keep the colors neutral because you want the focus to be on the dress.