Month: May 2011

Style Hi!Light – Stylish Lady



Toronto, 33
Occupation: City of Toronto CSR 
Her fave Designers: “Steve Madden, Gwen Stefani, Christian Louboutin to name a few but love love love H&M!!!”
Her style: “I thrive to be DIFFERENT! I love Vintage clothing.”
Her fashion icons: “Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Lopez, and many more.”
The one item she can’t live without: “Shoes!!”
Fashion don’t: “Don’t try to hard!!”
Fashion do: “Do remember that less is MORE!!”
Fave occasion to show off her style ie. the office, street/day, nightlife: “Nightlife”
Her fave stores: “American Apparel, Vintage (i.e. Kensington Market), H&M, Forever 21, Bebe, Steve Madden, Icon, Ready 2 Wear, Browns, Get Outside, Zara, Lamb, occasionally Winners, and many more….”
She has alot of: “Shoes!!!!”
Her style in one word: “Me!!”
Why her style is unique: ” I like to step outside the box!!”
Upcoming projects: Event: “Undress Me July 15th inside Empire Lounge – A Celebration of Life!!

Here Gellaine is playing with patterns

The key to wearing colour on colour is to pair different shades of that one colour as Gellaine does here

Elongating her legs with a high-waisted mini, topping it off with a cropped tee

Pairing a fur collar with ripped denim dresses up this look right away

Simple denim sheath dress with a pop of colour

Risk taker she is layering textures

Pairing red with stripes is so nautical

Style Breakdown – Men Inspired!

I’m a huge fan of the menswear inspired looks on women. The safe way to pull this look off is to stick with black and white. But I say take this trend a bit further and throw in some colour in the mix. Try a patterned tie, a pastel button-up or even instead of trousers, try yours with some dress shorts. As i’m a huge fan of the leopard print, i’m immediately drawn to the heels. Leopard is forever feminine and sexy so this was a perfect way to add that feminine touch to this trend.

Style Breakdown – Make a Statement!

Talk about a statement huh! Fergie did a great job in letting this statement mini stand on it’s own. She kept the top portion to a minimum, yet using colour to help pop the look. Pairing opaque tights with minis will give you that sleek and polished look as it does here.

Style Breakdown – Mix and Match!

I absolutely adore this look! This look is both sexy and laid back. The metallic mini is perfect on it’s own so by pairing a button down with this piece actually balances and pulls the look together in a subtle way.

Trend Hi!Light – What the stars are wearing…

Blazers with leather pants
My pick: #3

Colourful wedge heels
My pick: #1

Embellished black dresses
My pick: #1

Floppy black hats
My pick: #3

Fringed crossbody bags
My pick: #2

Green jeans
My pick: #2

High-waisted neutrals
My pick: #2

Lace-up oxford heels
My pick: #2

Metallic blazers
My pick: #1

Patch pocket jeans
My pick: #2

Pockets on the outside
My pick: #1

Rope belts
My pick: #2

Sheer polka dots
My pick: #1

Straw Fedoras
My pick: #1

Style Hi!Light – Stylish Fella


a.k.a. ‘Cal Mi Hansome’


Toronto, 24
Occupation: Personal Shopper/Stylist, currently at Bell/Virgin Mobile.
His fave Designers: Alexander McQueen.
His style: “4 words, dare to be different. When i’m not completely going for the over the top look i’m aiming for a very clean handsome look “Hansome” Not just a look but a lifestyle.”
His fashion icons: “A very clean John Legend. A very creative Andre 3000, a very handsome and well maintained Fonzworth Bentley. Call me crazy but I love the daring not caring look of Johnny Depp. I also must add someone new to my favorites, Scott Disick from the show “Keeping up with The Kardashians.”
The one item he can’t live without: “lol well because I can’t give just one item, I must say a bowtie and my blackberry lol.”
Fashion don’t: “Don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t mindlessly follow the trends: Find a signature look that works for you, don’t follow just any trend. Don’t wear white socks with dress pants.”
Fashion do: “Do match your belt and shoes, do know how to tell the difference between sport coats, blazers, and suit jackets. Wear fitted clothes.”
Fave occasion to show off his style ie. the office, street/day, nightlife: “Well! it’s known I love getting dressed up and being out in the private upscale industry scene. I love being apart of Toronto’s Dancehall scene (not a reggae club) because of the ability to express creative fashion.
His fave stores: “To be honest I shop anywhere for anything just to create and redesign it, but I do Love Zara, Riejie Boutique and Audrey Buckler. Don’t wanna tell you all my hot spots lol.”
He has alot of: “lol I gotta say I have alot of everything, from blazers, sweat vests, cardigans, vintage sweaters, bowties, shoes shoes and more shoes!”
His style in one word: “Hansome” reason being it’s more than just my style, it’s my inspiration. It’s how I move, it’s what i’m moved by. Cal Mi Hansome.”
Why his style is unique: “I guess what separates me from the rest is knowing my limits but not being afraid to test my limitations, and going beyond fashion limits. Essentially that’s what fashion’s about, not fitting in, but being able to stand out.”
Upcoming projects: “My 25th birthday celebration. A night of flash & Fashion, private event. May 14th @ Dazzling Lounge. I Oriette, but you can ” Cal Mi Hansome” presents ” Finally Famous” Also i’m currently working on the launch of Stay tuned!”

A belted blazer you don’t see often on the fellas. Try it!

Boat shoes are all the rage this summer for the fellas

Instead of a pocket square, he took a step further with the flower arrangement

It’s not called a button down for no reason

The man purse. Taking risks is his thing!

Pants over pants, gotta love the creativity

Black and white. Peek the mix and match sleeves