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 Photography by Ray Harripaul


Currently going through an all black phase. Black is classic, black is slimming, black is simple and black says I don’t bother you so don’t bother me. Plus it goes with everything! Also having a thing for wide brims hats – it’s such a perfect ending to your style story. It instantly takes your look from bland to bold. I purchased mines from one of my favourite stores Forever 21 for just $18.

The tights are Zara – which I must say fits me like a glove and I don’t have to keep pulling up the crotch section like most inexpensive tights. The tee is Titika Active Couture and it’s one of my favourite brands for basic tees. It was pretty much love at first touch, the material is everything and super soft.

Platform slip-ons are my current go to shoes. With the added height it dresses up your look a  bit and makes you legs look super long and lean – especially in tights.


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hmprodFelt hat in wool, $24.95

hmprodggV-neck T-shirt, $12.95

1372833352919237234Oversized Blazer, $28.00

tsanna-11.08.14-mc54877_1Faux Leather Biker Leggings, $30.00

51ZYABQ6SmL._UY535_Women’s Platform Slip-ons, $32.99












The warm weather is upon us and what better way to kick-start it than in a little black dress. I paired my LBD with some black on black casual sneakers because I didn’t want to do the obvious and wear black pumps. Topped off the look with some cat ears just to add some fun to the look. Side note: Animal ears are a cute alternative to wearing a tiara. It’s fun and playful, yet you’re letting the world know that you’re still an adult.

For the past couple of years I’ve learnt that fashion rules are great and they should be used as a guide to help us polish and refine our own personal style. They shouldn’t be used as your end and be all on how you dress on a daily basis because sometimes mixing it up is so refreshing. The dress is from Sirens Fashion I purchased a couple of years ago and the sneakers are from a sportswear store in an outlet mall. The cat ears were purchased online from one of my go to places to purchase affordable items, Aliexpress. Ever since my closest girlfriend told me about this site, I’ve been hooked! I literally check this site regularly just to see which items I can purchase at a much cheaper price.

Photography by Ray Harripaul

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 Black Crochet Lace Fit Flare Dress, $30

Chuck Taylor All Star Leather, $65


Black Lace Cat Ears, $1.72

10 Items Every Woman Should Own Before 30

As the clock ticks down to the day I turn 30 (not fretting or anything) I’m becoming more of the woman I want to be. Not only emotionally and intellectually, but also when it comes to my personal style. I’m taking more risks, but also being mindful of what is appropriate for every part of my life. Knowing what works for me and what does not work for me. What I should splurge on versus what I can save on. Where and when to buy certain items. Over the past year and half I’ve really been sticking to the ‘less is more’ mindset when it comes to my wardrobe. If I purchase something new I remove something from my closet so that it’s not cluttered with pieces I no longer wear anymore. Editing and maintaining your wardrobe should not be something you do only at the start of Spring, but on a regular basis. Along with editing your wardrobe, you should also have key pieces that are considered your ‘go-to’ timeless items that will help build any look you want. These are the pieces that will help create your style uniform. The ones that will come in handy for that very important meeting, interview, first date or dinner party. I’ve rounded up my top 10 pieces every woman (and me) should own before 30.